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Acai Cart Menu

Up to a 100 acai cups (8 oz cups) including the traditional flavors and 2 more specialty flavors of your choice.

Original: Acai, sliced bananas and organic granola (it may content nuts)

Copacabana: Acai, Condensed Milk, Nido Powder, Whipped Cream and sliced Strawberries

Graceland: Acai, Peanut Butter and sliced Bananas

Christian's Favorite: Acai, Condensed Milk, Sliced Bananas and Chocolate M&M's

Luca's Favorite: Acai, Nutella, sliced Strawberries

Campfire: Acai, Graham Crackers, Marshmallows, Chocolate Chunks

The Cart is rented for 2 hrs and 50% deposit is required upon booking. The remaining balance must be paid in full a week before the event.

Price: $750, plus 15% service fee.

Over or under quantities can be arranged via email:

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