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Street by the Beach

About Us

Talita is Brazilian born with a background in law. She came to the USA for fresh start in 2005 working at one of the biggest casinos in the country. That's where she met Chris who was at the casino bartending and has a background in the restaurant industry and construction.

Talita always loved to cook but lacked the "good food" as she put it that she was accustomed to in Brazil. She started to look for ingredients to make meals that would remind her of home. She never made salgados (fried street foods a staple for lunch in Brazil) until she went back to Brazil for a visit and her mom's neighbor taught her Rissoles which is like a fried ravioli stuffed with different fillings. It is where it all began.

Chris immediately fell in love with them and thought his friends at work would as well. He asked her to make them again and helped her develop some gringo flavors for fillings. From there we started selling frozen 10 packs at work and the business was born.

It was a time of transition in the casino industry. With many more opening in the area, Chris decided to gamble too, for a change. Change it was! He quit his job, took his 401k and bought and built out our food truck. The Lady Copacabana food truck was born.

We have been everywhere in Rhode Island and North East Connecticut and have had the opportunity to offer our food and some really awesome places. Along the way we have amazing people that truly didn't know Brazilian food could be more than meat on a stick - like they serve on a Churrascaria.

In 2018 the mighty Stackpole twins arrived! Our sons Luca and Christian. We had to give up our spot in Narragansett and got "normal" jobs but promised ourselves when the boys were old enough we would relaunch. So here we are new and improved!

From our family to yours,

​The Stackpoles

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