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Welcome to Lady Copacabana, Home of the His o' lee!



   My name is Chris. My wife Talita is from Marilia, Sao Paulo Brazil and this is our truck. On a trip one year to visit my wife's parents house Talita informed me her mother's friend was coming over to teach her how to make "fried dough". Being from R.I. I figured she was going to stretch a piece of dough and throw it in some oil! I was mistaken. When the lesson was over and the food was cooked the first words out of my mouth were "oh a baked ravioli" but they were fried and stuffed with beef.

   When we returned home Talita had made some Rissolis (His O' Lees) for lunch for my work at Mohegan Sun and my barbacks and I split the Rissolis and Rice and Beans. When my barbacks returned from lunch they each wanted 10 packs the following week. One of the same men (Big Mike G.) helped taste test all our flavors and the His O Lee fever had begun.......

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Warning : Please inform us about any food allergies. We are not a nut free truck. 

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